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A Beginners Guide to Professional Wedding Photography

By March 4, 2021April 6th, 2021No Comments
Bridge and Groom

When people get sentimental, they usually flip albums and look at the pictures that depict the things that happened in their lives. These pictures are not simply pieces of colored paper with images since can trigger deeply-seated emotions.

One of the moments that most people would really love to preserve is the tick of events on their wedding day.

For this reason, people decide to hire professional photographers to capture the important moments of their lives. However, these photographers may not always advise the client to strike a pose. They are expected to wait patiently to be able to catch memorable portraits. Most photographers that are employed for weddings have assistants so that they can maximize their strategy in creating an album that will not be regrettable.

But what if you want to take pictures of a friends wedding?

Here are a few basic techniques and styles for anyone who wants to capture a wedding using a digital camera:

  • Move quick. The moments at a wedding are unique and happening all around. They don’t happen again and that’s what makes them special. Whether it’s a reminiscent stare of a father’s gaze at the daughter he’s giving away or its a laugh shared in the corner by old friends, the moments are there but you have to be ready to move quickly to capture these moments if you really want to tell the story of the day.

  • If you want to take a picture of a couple or any intended target, make sure that the background is good and the environment is not so crowded.

  • If there is a nice background but it is hard to focus on the couple, you should shoot them from the shoulders up.

  • If some of the guests are wearing glasses have them tilt their heads a little down or sideways to avoid the glaring effect that normally appears when the flash is used. If there is a couple or a group, keep the composition in mind. The composition is how the arrangement of objects sit inside the frame of the photo.

  • Take creative risks. Try shooting your subjects against the light so a dark silhouette tells the story. You can get some really fascinating results.

  • Candid shots are also dramatic. These portraits reveal more than the quality of the picture itself. In fact, many professionals do this to capture intimate and memorable moments. You should be alert at all times since you can seldom ask individuals to pose again for you.

Memory Cards

Your digital camera should be equipped with appropriate memory cards or sticks to ensure that no great moment is missed. In other words, you have to have an extra memory card especially when you want more moments to preserve. There are several options on the market today at really affordable prices. Here are some of our recommendations.

a. for 3 mega pixels – a 256 MB memory card
b. for 4 mega pixels – a 512 MB memory card
c. for 6 mega pixels – 1 gigabyte memory card

You are not advised to use low resolutions if the images will be printed and hung later. Just always remember that the higher the resolution utilized, the larger the size of prints that can be made.

Keep a copy of your best works so you can use and reuse the techniques that made your viewers smile and appreciate your creation more.

You can do this by saving albums on your personal computer to free up the space in your memory card. You may also use other software to enhance the quality of the prints to be made.

Photography is truly a wonderful art. Wedding is a wonderful event. The union of these things will trigger emotions and memories in the long run more so if images are captured and preserved well. They all depend on your camera and your love for this art and the couple.

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