Welcome to the Pixel Laundry website. We’re glad you’re here. Let me tell you a little about Pixel Laundry.

Pixel Laundry is a Clipping and Retouching service provider that offers high-end image editing to traditional and e-commerce retailers around the world.

Photo enhancement is required by many industries. Retouched photos are an invaluable asset for any retailer because bad imagery can lower sales over night.

Our studio provides high-quality photographic retouching services. Our retouching services are designed to offer perfect solutions for the Advertising, E-commerce, Fashion, and Real Estate industries.

High-end retouching or custom retouching is all about keeping details and texture intact in an image so that it looks as natural as possible. Pixel Laundry has a team of highly trained specialist that can take your retouching project to the next level.

Hi-End Retouching is often seen as the evil part of the photography industry. It has had so much bad press over the past few years because of failed campaigns and poor quality work that people have been lead to believe that retouching is bad and giving a poor representation of reality. However, retouching is all about bringing the best out of someone or something.

More images are being created everyday than ever before in history. Companies, photographers and retailers need a cleaning service for those digital files. So we created that service and its called Pixel Laundry.

If you have need to for quality retouching, please don’t hesitate to reach out to get an estimate or to have a few free samples done for you.

Pixel Laundry is digital cleaning service for the digital world.


Sr. Account Manager | Production Cordinator

Rick is a Commercial Photographer and Director. Rick started Pixel Laundry with his partners after spending 10 years in the Photographic and E-commerce Industry. Rick lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife and 3 kids.


Sales and Logistics Coordinator

Mark is an experienced internet sales coordinator that has been responsible for the success of several well known international brands. Mark is a newly wed and loves Star Wars.


CFO | Business Manager

Drew is an MBA graduate of De Paul University and an entrepreneur and a numbers ninja. In his free time he reads screenplays and plays with his dog.

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