Clipping Paths & Retouching Services for the Internet Age.

Pixel Laundry is a Clipping path and Retouching service provider that offers solutions for traditional and online retailers of all shapes and sizes. We clean dirty digital files so you don't have to.


E-commerce, Fashion, Product Photography

Pixel Laundry specializes in Clipping path and Retouching for all shapes, sizes and types of projects. See below for more.


Table Top and Product Retouching.

From on-model to on-table and everything in between, we've got you covered.


Compositing and High-Retouching

Composites? High-End Retouching? Advertising Campaigns? No problem. Check out our work samples.

Our Clipping & Retouching Services Saves you Time and Money

How you manage your retouched assets is very important. Pixel Laundry’s team of resident image consultants and experts can walk you through your post-production needs whether you are setting up a small studio or managing a multi-national photo campaign. Let us partner with you so we can make your image editing a breeze.

  • Top Customer Support
  • Project-Based Team Curation
  • 24-hour Turn Around Times available
  • 20+ Combined years of Image Creation Experience
  • Multiple Global Offices so while you sleep, we’re still working

Reach out for custom estimate

Shoot us a quick email with the details on your project. We'll get back to you in 24-48 hours with some solutions for your project.

Drop off your files

Once we're all on the same page, you drop off your files in one of our file transfer methods. We have a number of ways to exchanges files safely and securely.

Review, Revise, Relax

Everyone's needs are different. We get it. Your customized look is important to you and very important to us. A Pixel Laundry we work with you to get the best looking images possible! This allows to you breathe easy knowing that your files will be squeaky clean when you get them back. If you are in a crunch, be sure to ask about quick turn around times as well.

Our Clipping and Retouching is different from the the other guys. Here are the reasons why:

Have you been considering some of the other vendors out there that make you learn a “proprietary software” just to use the their service? Who’s got time to learn how to use a vendor while ducking and dodging the up-sells and add ons?!? Isn’t a vendor supposed to take the guess work out of the equation? Well, that is just one of the many things Pixel Laundry does that our competitors don’t. Check a few other reasons below.

E-commerce Catalogue Clipping and Retouching often requires work to be done in large quantities of images in a short period of time. Our highly trained team of retouchers specialize in speed and high fidelity retouching.
First in, First Out

Strategically placed global production centers ensure quick turn arounds when you have to have your images back stat!

US Based Managment Team
No more worrying about whether or not your instructions were understood.
U.S. Based Managment Team

English-Speaking team members that communicate with clarity are of the upmost importance when you are trying to hit a deadline with exactly what you need done. Our account managers are all U.S. based experienced professionals that will not only help you save time but money as well.

We handpick a team that is built specifically with your project in mind. Doing this allow us to save you time because we memorize your retouching style to cut down on production delays.
Curated Retouching Teams

The team that is assigned to your project is handpicked based off of your projects specific parameters and the individual’s retouching strengths. This allows our team to work at a very high level of quality while processing your files.

Not Just Pretty Faces…

Pixel Laundry doesn’t just specialize in E-commerce, clipping paths and retouching. If you need something with little more visual interest check out our custom and High-End retouching portfolios. If you have a look book, editorial or composite image that needs some love, then you’ll love this section.

Custom Campaign SamplesCompositing Samples

Other Available Services

Pixel Laundry can clean up a whole variety of projects. In addition to retouching we can clip, resize, restore, and color correct images to make them so pearly clean you won’t recognize them when you get them back. Check out some of our other additional portfolios of work that cover a whole host of retouching needs. If you don’t see what you need here, please reach out to us for a custom quote.

It’s a Pen-Tool Party!

Clipping path Samples

Alpha Channels, Transparencies, Cut-outs. Whatever you call them, we know how to do them.
Models on Models on Models

E-Commerce Samples

Skin, Clothes and whole lot of white walls
From the bottom to the TOP!

Table Top Samples.

Table-top photography at its finest. From Cables to Couches. We got you covered.

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