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10 Ways Pixel Laundry Saves You $$$

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If you are looking for a service to remove the background of your image…

or something similar like clipping out e-commerce products to white or retouching your images, then hang tight cause I’m gonna show 10 ways Pixel laundry can save some money.

The Pixel Laundry Story:

Hey Guys. My name is Rick. I am a Co-founder and a Sr. Art Director here at Pixel Laundry. I worked as professional commercial photographer and High-retoucher in the advertising and fashion industry for several years before helping start Pixel Laundry. Pixel Laundry was stated in 2014 after I got laid off from a position where I was in charge of the photography for a nationally known fashion brand.

As e-commerce began to take off, this company was not transitioning their brick and mortar business model very well and got caught up along with many others in what we now refer to the retail apocalypse. But where there was tragedy, I saw an opportunity.

While working at this studio, I had the chance to partner with some retouching and business managers overseas who were in charge of production resources on the ground and this gave me an idea. My experience in e-commerce told me that if we could get those teams up to speed to strong retouching standards, then we could leverage their cost and give potential clients a great discount on retouching services; And it worked so thats exactly what we did!

Our first client was the same company that had not only let me go, but the whole marketing department! They were in need of the same services they had previously employed but they just couldn’t do it at the same cost and we needed a client. It was a match that launched Pixel Laundry into business and we haven’t looked back since.

What we’ve been up to

Since then we have spent 1000’s of hours refining and automating our processes. We are constantly strategizing on ways to help our clients overcome the fear of hiring overseas teams where communication and quality had been previously and easily lost. Sure, you can get clipping and retouching at a cheap price, but at what cost? We had to figure it out and feel that we have.

Sure, you can get clipping and retouching at a cheap price, but at what cost?

The Solution we arrived at

These concerns led us to wonder if we could start a company that overcame fear by having the same top quality an internal team might give a client but at a fraction of the price. We thought that if we could offer a US-based management team that liaises between the clients and an overseas productions team, that it would drastically help with quality assurance.  Also, if we could eliminate or streamline some of the other costs associated with running a business, this would be additional savings we could pass on to the client. Some of these costs include marketing and advertising, personnel, commercial liability insurance, professional and legal fees, rent, utilities, payroll, accounting, tax filing, product design, retail markup, commissions, media design, building maintenance, computer equipment, servers, IT, etc. (the list goes on … plus, you have to make a profit).

So, for us, the question became: Can we cut down on these costs to offer a service closer to the actual cost of production for the service and still make enough profit to live off of and to allow the company to grow?  And the answer was and is a resounding: YES!

10 reasons Pixel Laundry can save you money the next time you need backgrounds removed from your photos, clipping path or retouching services.

  1.  We partner with several overseas teams offering them competitive wages and giving them hands-on training in high-end retouching standards. (this saves our clients up to 70% of what an internal team would cost to do the same work)
  2.  We have a small internal team based in the U.S. and overseas. that manage the day to day operations. This keeps our payroll is low compared to large production houses and allows us to address client needs 24hours a day.
  3. We’ve automated as many systems as possible.
  4. We oversee and quality check all images locally.
  5. We cut out the middle-man and sell direct-to-consumer via the internet
  6. We keep customer service in-house.
  7. We do all of our own media and marketing design.
  8. We cut the costs associated with internal teams because our teams are curated on a per-project basis thus eliminating high overhead costs that would normally be passed on to the customer.
  9. We don’t have to meet shareholder earnings expectations and can grow at a comfortable and healthy rate.
    10)  We don’t have central office where we have day to day operational costs. Utilizing cloud-based servers eliminates the cost of having to own costly servers and other hardware.
  10. Bonus) We don’t spend as much as others do on advertising compared to the big brands which means we don’t have to charge more for our products to cover that cost. Instead, we rely heavily on word of mouth, so please tell your friends about us as that is the best way for us to grow and offer high-quality services at much lower prices than our competitors.
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